Humans are now the most populace race on Aemer and, collectively, hold the second most influential kingdom behind the dwarves. Largely untouched by the effects of The Maddening humans thrived during the tumultuous times following the calamity.

Pre-Maddening History

Before The Maddening humans lived on the fringes of the Gruum Empire. The Orc and goblins tolerated and even cultivated their presence in the land hoping to one day have a stalwart ally, or at the very least a worthy opponent, in the Humans. The human populations migrated primarily from three different sources.

The first group, called the Vjorn, were hardy, tall folk from the north. They were the refugees from the brutal Vjorn/Goliath wars that wracked the frozen north. Making their way over the Crown Mountains into the northern part of the Gruum Empire.

The second group, the Islers, herald from the chain of islands off the southeast coast of Aemer. First encountered by goblin explorers these humans soon sailed and settled on the coast, creating merchant towns to ply their island goods to the Gruum Empire.

The last group, the Turas, claim that they were immigrants from a far off land, across the ocean. Quiet, taciturn people, they kept to themselves and carved off a little niche on the northeastern coast.

Current History

Since The Maddening and the fall of the Gruum Empire humans have expanded and grown. The three ancestral groups spread across Aemer either settling in the remnants of Gruumish towns and cities or creating their own. In the 500 years since The Maddening four prominent kingdoms have risen. These kingdoms have strong diplomatic relations with each other but the occasional infighting and land war do occur. Most of these are quelled quickly as the ever approaching threat of the Dwarven Conquest demands unity amongst the human kingdoms.

The Four Thrones


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