The Maddening

Some 500 years ago all magic, divine and arcane, suddenly ceased. During this time no contact could be made to other planes or other planar being, including the gods that used to shepherd their respective races. Each race was affected differently by the sundering, some had severe prolific reactions while others adapted quickly.

The Races of Aemer during The Maddening:

The Orcs and Goblins seemed to suffer the most during The Maddening, as the event is now known. They went from a culturally advanced civilization to a barbaric and monstrous race in a matter of months. Beautiful, expansive cities were razed and priceless artifacts of art and magic were lost.

The Dwarves ceased their endless crafting and poured forth from their mountain holds on a quest to conquer the entire world. Believing The Maddening time to be a sign from their gods they have a manifest destiny view of this crusade.

The fey races; Eladrin, Elves, Drow and Gnomes, vanished. All of their shard homes are left vacant and no attempt to contact them in their homeland has been successful.

Humans remained largely unaffected by The Maddening. Having ingrained self-reliance and little knowledge of the magical arts, both qualities pitied prior to The Maddening, they were well prepared to take over a world gone mad and forsaken.

The Maddening

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